CEO and Executive Management

Styrelse Mm 2016 Henrik

Henrik Larsson Lyon


CEO of Hexatronic Group AB (publ) since 2014.

Year of birth:

Education: MSc in Economics.

Shareholding in Hexatronic: 826,666 shares and 25,000 warrants.



Styrelse Mm 2016 Lennart

Lennart Sparud


CFO of Hexatronic Group AB (publ) since 2015

Year of birth: 1969.

Education: Economics and Law programmes, University of Gothenburg.

Shareholding in Hexatronic: 25,140 shares. 



Styrelse Mm 2016 Magnus 

Magnus Angermund


Marketing Director of Hexatronic Group AB (publ) since 2016.

Year of birth: 1968.

Education: High School Electrical/Telecom Engineering and extension courses at IHM and IFL.

Shareholding in Hexatronic: 44,010 shares and 12,000 warrants.



Styrelse Mm 2016 Anna

Anna Bailey


Supply Chain Director at Hexatronic Group AB (publ) since 2016.


Year of birth: 1969.

Education: Civil Engineer with Industrial Economics.

Shareholding in Hexatronic: 4,000 shares and 3,000 warrants.



Styrelse Mm 2016 Martin 

Martin Åberg


Deputy CEO of Hexatronic Group AB (publ) since 2017.


Year of birth: 1981.

Education: MSc in Applied Physics and MBA, Uppsala University, also Chartered Financial Analyst, IFL, Stockholm School of Economics.

Shareholding in Hexatronic: 1,785,872 shares via part-ownership of Chirp AB, 29,411 shares privately and 10,000 warrants privately.



Styrelse Mm 2016 Tomas

Thomas Andersen


President of Hexatronic AS since 2012.


Year of birth: 1974.

Education: Electrical Engineer, Østfold University College, Norway.

Shareholding in Hexatronic: 18,000 shares via Engelsviken AS and 42,500 warrants privately.



Styrelse Mm 2016 Hakan

Håkan Bäckström


President of Hexatronic Cables & Interconnect Systems AB since 2017


Year of birth: 1966.

Education: MSc in Mechanical Engineering, focus on industrial economics, also Managing Industrial Operations (IMOP).

Shareholding in Hexatronic: 150,400 shares and 15,000 warrants.




Magnus Eidebo


President of Hexatronic Fiberoptic since 2019


Year of birth: 1975.

Education: Executive MBA.

Shareholding in Hexatronic: 3,600 shares and 1,000 warrants.




Christian Priess


Business Development Director since 2019


Year of birth: 1970.

Education: MSc International Business, IMD MBA.

Shareholding in Hexatronic: 10,000 warrants.