Global Sustainability Strategy

Hexatronic Group AB has decided that sustainability is a vital aspect for the entire Group. We are investing 2,030 hours to make lasting changes through our internal development project, Green All The Way. We aim to formulate measurable focus areas and significant risks, the way we as a company manage risks and central results indicators affecting our operation, and to link sustainability to business benefit. The results of the project will be summarized in future sustainability reports.


Internal Sustainability Project - Green All The Way

2030 hours will be dedicated to sustainability during 2018 

We are investing time in sustainability, formulating goals and following up on an annual basis. The project will assist us in setting goals, monitoring and creating profitability in our sustainability efforts, and in involving and showing personnel, customers and suppliers that we take a long-term approach to responsibility worldwide. Green All The Way will be the ongoing theme in our operation throughout the year, with a particular focus two weeks a year, when the Group will include sustainability in its work; this applies to all departments at all levels in the Group. The first stage of the project is to spread knowledge about sustainability, with a digital educational that we produce ourselves and distribute to all our companies around the world. We thereby train our personnel in what sustainability is, and how they can do their part both as employees and as individuals. We can also send the video to suppliers and any new companies we acquire. A link to the video will be sent to all employees in the Group to help minimize environmental impact. Our digital sustainability video will have a ripple effect for personnel and suppliers, as well as acquired companies.


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