The Year in Summary

Our entire Group is characterized by a genuine care for people and it’s important to us to maintain and develop this outlook, whether at our head office or our companies around the world. Our personnel are our most important asset, and we want to foster the entrepreneurial spirit in the companies that are part of our Group.

Consequently, it is important to us that each company, at the local level, should be able to protect and work for the sustainability issues that they are passionate about. We believe in this choice, and we feel it is socially sustainable for the future, in all our companies, in every country where we operate.


Examples of sustainable initiatives 

The Swedish Cancer Society

Hexatronic produced a pink Viper cable that was auctioned off to the highest bidder. Congratulations and a big thank you to Kringdata AB who won the cable with a bid of SEK 175,000. The money will go in full to the Swedish Cancer Society Pink Ribbon and be of real benefit to many people fighting against cancer.

Hallbarhet 710 Bred Cancerfond



Plan International - childrens right to education
During the year we have supported several organizations with donations, including Plan International – Children’s Right to Education. We have chosen to help more children around the world have the opportunity to grow up in safety, with access to education and healthcare, and to develop into independent individuals with power over their lives.

Hallbarhet 710 Bred Plan 



For a modern corporate group like Hexatronic, this is something we take very seriously. The Group management is keen to ensure that all our workplaces globally should be free of all forms of harassment, and also be equal, safe and secure, and free from alcohol, drugs and sexual harassment. The latest Christmas gift to the Group management was therefore a natural choice: the #metoo book.

Hallbarhet 710 Bred Metoo



Blown fiber in recyclable packaging 
Our Stingray blown fiber is now packed in a recyclable cardboard box, replacing the previous plastic packaging. The cardboard is easy to fold and recycle after use, which makes life easier for the installation engineer, saves space and benefits the environment.


Hallbarhet 710 Bred Stingraybox 




Compact micro cables bring environmental gains
We have successfully developed the Viper range of micro cables, which are now a household name in the industry. The cables are slimmer and have improved performance, and can therefore be blown into narrower ducts, again benefiting the environment. Less material is used when making both the cable and duct, and freight costs can be reduced by 35% thanks to the smaller pack size.




Recycling duct waste

Leftover material, scrap and waste from the duct lines is ground down into granules, which are then used to make new duct. This considerably reduces the consumption of raw materials.


More sustainable transportation

Parts of Hexatronic Group are increasingly using sea freight to make deliveries around the world, since this is a more sustainable option than air freight, for instance. The aim for one of our companies is that sea freight should be used for at least 50% of all its imported weight.

Hallbarhet 710 Bred Transport