Zzoomms vd Matthew Hare i intervju om det strategiska partnerskapet med Hexatronic

27 feb 2020

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Fiberuppkoppling blir en verklighet för allt fler i Storbritannien tack vare den nya innovativa operatören Zzoomm som stöds av Hexatronic som strategisk partner.


Hexatronic skrev 2019 ett avtal med Zzoomm gällande systemleverans av FTTH-material för ett total värde av 2,5 MGBP.


I den här filmade intervjun beskriver Zzoomms vd Matthew Hare fördelarna för Zzoomm att arbeta med en så flexibel och kompetent partner som Hexatronic.



Utvalda kommentarer fråm Zzoomms VD Matthew Hare:


“The first thing we found was that Hexatronic absolutely lived those same values, as we did, and that was the first step in choosing them. And the second step was really the range of products that they could support us with, pretty much everything to do with building the passive network. And then finally the service wrap that they put around the whole thing, where we can actually rely on them to do a whole bunch of work in the background as we build and operate the network. They are supporting us, helping make it all possible.”


“Zzoomm is looking to deliver a great service. To do that in a brilliant way, we need partners, who want to do a great job for us. So Hexatronic are ideal in that they are specializing in one of the pieces that we do not do. They specialize in the equipment, and the logistics, to make building a brilliant network a huge success.”


“Building a new business as we are doing here with Zzoomm, where we are going to towns where they already have good quality copper based broadband – what we need to do is to go a step beyond and do something that is much better than what the customers can have today. And to do that, it doesn’t mean you always have exactly the right products in stock.”


“One of the things we are looking for in our partners is making sure that they can be flexible, but also deliver what they say they are going to do, when they say they are going to do it. And that has been one of the beauties of working with Hexatronic, we do things like, we get a weekly delivery of supplies, of all the passive components that you need to build a network, directly to site or directly to our warehouse.”


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